Let's Make Your Product, Step by Step

We optimize your product idea, design it, engineer it, and prepare it for the market

Designing a product involves extensive communication and collaboration between industrial designers, engineers, and manufacturers.

At Hasani Studio, we handle all this for you, eliminating the need for back-and-forth between different teams. This saves you valuable time and resources, ensuring a smoother and more efficient design process.

Industrial Design

Create innovative and user-friendly product designs that stand out.


Transform concepts into functional, precise prototypes ready for testing.

Manufacturing Design

Optimize designs for efficient, cost-effective production.

Product Positioning

Strategically place your product in the market for maximum impact.

Marketing Materials

Develop compelling materials that make your product shine.

Packaging Design

Design attractive and functional packaging that protects and sells.

Cost Analysis

Identify cost-saving opportunities to keep your project on budget.

Bill of Materials

Detail every component needed for manufacturing, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

We Build Your Product with Strategy

Every detail, from concept to production, can significantly impact your product's costs and ROI.


Market Research

We analyze trends, competitors, and customer preferences to provide insights that drive your product’s success.


Cost Analysis

We identify cost-saving opportunities and ensure your project stays within budget without compromising quality.


Industrial Design

We excel in creating designs that are both innovative and user-friendly.


Engineering & Prototyping

We turn concepts into functional prototypes, ready for testing and refinement. At this stage, together we will find the best design for your brand and market.


Design for Manufacturing

We ensure your product is easy to manufacture, reducing time to market and production costs.


Marketing & Sales Materials

From packaging to brochures, we create eye-catching materials that make your product stand out.

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