Let's Make Your Product, Step by Step

End-to-end Product Design and Development

Creating a physical product requires seamless communication and collaboration between industrial designers, engineers, and manufacturers.

At Hasani Studio, we streamline this process by an end-to-end design service.

We Build Products with Strategy

Every detail, from concept to production, can significantly impact your product's costs and ROI.

step 01

Market Research

We analyze trends, competitors, and customer preferences to have a deep understanding of your product.

Two people discussing something on paper analyzing data for Market Research

Cost Analysis

We identify the rang of pricing for your final product and ensure your project stays within budget without compromising quality.

Hasani Studio created 3D printed Assortment bins. Image shows heat inserts and screws inside the bins on a table.
step 03

Industrial Design

At this stage, we create the conceptual design, user interaction, ergonomics, and more.

step 04

Engineering & Prototyping

We turn the concepts into functional prototypes, ready for testing and refinement. At this stage, together we will find the best design for your brand and market.

The Pros and Cons of Working with a Studio vs Hiring a Team vs Freelancers.
step 05

Design for Manufacturing

We ensure your product is easy to manufacture, reducing time to market and production costs.

step 06

Marketing & Sales Materials

From packaging to brochures, we help your Sales and Marketing teams with presentation tools they need.

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